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Breaking Magic - S01 E01

Documentary . Drama

Get ready for the season premiere of Breaking Magic on Sunday, November 11 at 10/9c on the Discovery Channel, as four magicians from around the world create magic tricks using science. In this episode, Wayne Houchin visits a mechanic’s shop in Brooklyn to demonstrate a very special new product: intelligent oil, which is able to move on command. Ben Hanlin goes to the streets of Warsaw to try out a new lie detector test. He convinces the spectators that the smart liquid detects subtle changes in your sweat and pheromones, and when it detects a lie, it reacts and changes color. Billy Kidd outsmarts a group of martial arts masters by challenging them to pick up as many grains of rice as possible with a sword. The masters manage to pick up three or four grains. They are gob smacked when Billy beats them all using a special trick! James Galea performs an extremely dangerous trick near London's River Thames, which could see him losing something vital: his hand! He padlocks his hand onto a piece of glass, below a see-through chute, and throws the key for the padlock in a bowl full of similar looking keys. James then has a minute to find the correct key and free his hand, before a cannonball is released down the chute and crushes his hand. After a minute: James has yet to find the correct key. The cannonball is released. Frantically, James has to find a way of slowing the fall or he’ll lose his hand.

Episode Title: Cannonball Fall
Airs: 2012-11-11 at 08:00 pm