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Breaking Magic - S01 E02

Documentary . Drama

James Galea convinces a group of onlookers into thinking that they can crush a fuel tanker using telekinesis. As the crowd concentrates on the tanker, it dramatically implodes with a massive bang. Ben Hanlin and Billy Kidd team up in a London bar for a hidden camera hit in which Ben’s jacket is stained with wine, catches fire, and is put out with a fire extinguisher before emerging totally unscathed. Wayne Houchin is in East London performing a death-defying stunt in front of a nervous crowd. He’s about to bungee jump off a 160-ft crane, the equivalent of a 16-story building. However, Wayne has severed the bungee rope and is attempting to hold it together by interweaving the pages of two books. The crowd isn’t convinced. Wayne jumps, and amazingly, the two books hold his weight. The crowd is astounded.

Episode Title: Book Bungee
Airs: 2012-11-11 at 08:00 pm