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No Mans Land - S01 E03


In Arizona, Jason Hawk continues to spruce up his rehabbed desert truck "The Beast," hoping it will help make his property more secure. Key modifications include bulletproofing with scavenged parts. David Holladay and his son, Leo, venture on a rock hunt through Utah's Red Rock Canyons. But while crossing through a dangerous slot canyon, a looming flash flood could end their rock hunting for good. Charlie Acuna, still trying to adapt to living in the New Mexican highlands, goes on a rattlesnake hunt to prove he's got what it takes to survive there. And in Texas, cowboy Howdy Fowler fights the blistering heat and a tight deadline, when he's hired to travel up a steep mesa to rope to brand some cattle.

Episode Title: Living on the Edge
Airs: 2014-03-23 at 10:00 pm