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No Mans Land - S01 E01


The desert is where civilization ends. To live in this barren landscape, you must adhere to a simple motto, adapt or die. In Arizona's red-hot Sonoran desert borderlands, blacksmith and survival expert, Jason Hawk comes across troubling signs that intruders are crossing into his land. Miles from the nearest police station, he's forced to take the law into his own hands, using scavenged parts to create a make-shift surveillance system. In Southern Utah's Red Rock Canyons, desert geologist David Holladay sets off a months long trek into the area's remote badlands, searching for the rare stones he gathers to support his large family. But a change in the terrain leads him to make a dangerous decision that could cost him everything. In the Chihuahuan Desert of Southwest Texas, desert cowboy Howdy Fowler is trying to keep his lifestyle going, despite increasing age and a dwindling client base. He tries to hunt down a rogue thousand pound steer, in scorching temperatures.

Episode Title: Adapt or Die
Airs: 2014-03-9 at 10:00 pm