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Ax Men - S09 E06

Reality-TV . Documentary

Production is ramping up with the newest generation of Rygaard on the job, however the day may take a turn for the worse with an ominous blood red sun in the sky. David Zitterkopf and his son Levi take on their biggest job yet, but with David's health scare last year, will he be able to still remain the self proclaimed alpha predator? In Alaska, Papac's new unit called "The Longest Yard" will put their crew and equipment to the ultimate test as they plan to string a mile of skyline across the mountainside. Back in Louisiana, the Swampman is on a hot streak after he delivered a sixteen thousand board foot order, but today he must finish a big job for a pint sized client. Still searching for the Legendary Lost Log Train, Greg Chapman has found two more sites to search on the St. Johns River.

Episode Title: Madman of the Mountain
Airs: 2015-12-27 at 21:00