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Young Justice - S02 E01

Animation . Adventure . Action

January 1: Batman and Robin try to figure out what happened to the six Justice League members in the last 16 hours. January 1 (Five Years Later): The Team has gained new members (consisting of Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, Bumblebee, Lagoon Boy, Wonder Girl, Batgirl, and Mal Duncan) with Tim Drake as the new Robin (the former Robin having become Nightwing) while Rocket and Zatanna have joined the Justice League. January 3: After the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo attacks the United Nations and reveals the Secretary-General Tseng as a Krolotean in disguise, G. Gordon Godfrey is shown on his television program trying to turn the public against the Justice League. On the Watchtower, Adam Strange reports that aliens have stolen Zeta technology from the planet Rann and used it to invade Earth. To make matters worse, Strange also reveals that during the missing 16 hours, the mind-controlled Leaguers attacked Rann's sector of space, making the entire League wanted criminals there. Members of the Team are dispatched to Rann while others are set to deal with the aliens on Earth. January 4: The Team splits into three squads to destroy the different Zeta platforms. Robin, Lagoon Boy and Blue Beetle stumble upon a massive base occupied by throngs of aliens and liberate the human hostages. Meanwhile, Superboy, Miss Martian, Beast Boy and Adam Strange arrive on Rann.

Episode Title: Happy New Year!
Airs: 2012-04-28 at urday